20 April 2021

TikTok has grown and developed rapidly in a relatively short period. The platform continues it's meteoric rise, changing and becoming even more popular.

If you or your brand are focused on communication with Gen Z, then TikTok better be one of your main sales and communication channels at the very least. Based on the experience of experienced marketers, you can deduce the main trends that bring maximum reach. Understanding these trends will make it easier for you to make the most out of this platform and help you develop successful ad campaigns.

remember that you can find virtually all influencers on TikTok today

The main difference in behavior between the audiences of TikTok and other social networks is that on TikTok, all users are influencers to some extent. If you compare TikTok audiences with Instagram's, there is a clear distinction between influencers who are usually users with at least 100,000+ followers, and the rest of people just browsing feed in their free time regardless of the quality of all content.

TikTok's algorithms work differently than Instagram's. On Instagram, you need to invest more money to get followers and reach, while on TikTok the only thing you need to do is be creative and fresh. TikTok's algorithms only promote the most creative content. Thanks to this, you can gain 10 to 1000 followers after uploading just a single video. And by publishing trending videos during the week, you can even get a base of 200,000+ followers. However, that was all about users or so-called creators. 

corporate brand development

How can brands develop on TikTok? The best strategy is to create content that will unleash the creativity of not only your audience but also your employees. Rely on creativity, friendliness of the target audience and make sure you communicate in the same language. Integrate your products into videos (but carefully, direct advertising is prohibited) and try to facilitate people to interact with your brand: create their videos based on yours, use the “duet” function, etc.

make your own series

One of the popular video formats on TikTok are the so-called episodes. When users are exposed to such content, they feel like they are watching a TV series or TV show. All this happens for one simple reason: most of the content is found by hashtags by which people can follow the episodes.

The TV series format stands out from other techniques and approaches to content creation. In other social networks, the focus is mostly on single posts and very rarely on posts that are united by one topic. By creating content around a single hashtag, you can create a funnel of audience attention by driving more reactions to the video. This is one of the mechanics of creating trends: when creating an idea, people follow it for a while and literally infect others with it.

When a hashtag has a lot of views, TikTok's algorithms will recognize this and will display videos with this hashtag in the TOP. This kind of content is already familiar to the TikTok audience and therefore worth paying special attention to in 2021. Think about content that you can divide into 7-14 videos to begin with and start running it under one hashtag. This approach will allow you to attract new audiences and keep their attention.

try behind-the-scenes videos

One cannot say that this idea is new. Behind the scenes content has been popular since always. Just remember how loyal fans revisit videos from filming or interviews with actors. But this kind of content took root in TikTok so much that it gave rise to the development of this whole content format.

The most trending and viral videos are those that look like they were shot by accident. Despite the fact that such videos are of lower quality, they still attract most attention.

bottom line

Considering that the audience on TikTok is mostly people who are tired of the gloss and beauty of Instagram, betting on live content has been a trend from the very beginning. Today it's possible to realistically assess the popularity of such content in contrast with  other formats.

Creating such content is especially good for brands: show the life of your company from the inside, shoot videos about the stages of product creation. Most importantly, show your company life without embellishment. Any of your business processes can become the subject of behind-the-scenes filming.

We hope that the main trends of 2021 and beyond will help you better navigate in TikTok and increase your metrics significantly. Or  even start your brand pge from scratch!



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