Success story: Corporate Brand Development & Marketing Strategy

26 March 2021
Success story: Corporate Brand Development & Marketing Strategy

The world renown real estate business, Westminister Investments & Holdings, was in need of a corporate brand development and marketing strategy rethink in the face of certain market challenges brought by the Covid-19 pandemic and heavy competition. It was imperative for the client to define the unique selling point of their business in the post-Covid world and they asked Gipnetix to help.

What was the challenge?

While brand development and reputation management research for the real estate business remains low, it was an imperative task for a thoughtful professional like the Marketing Director of Westminister Investments & Holdings to revitalize their corporate brand. 

Today's real estate businesses have to invest in corporate brand development to create an image capable of catching the attention of international markets which can lead to investments. The client was in immediate need of updating the company's corporate brand and marketing strategy to both underline its positioning and respond to the real estate market changes brought by the Covid-19 pandemic.

What did Gipnetix do?

Guiding the management team of Westminister Investments & Holdings through a sophisticated process of defining the business's corporate brand and marketing strategy, Gipnetix helped the client to refine the company's brand message. The goal was for the new brand message to resonate with contemporary residential and commercial buyers. 

Exposing the client to brand elements is always essential because recalling or recognition creates the knowledge of a brand. Simply put, brand image is just an impression of a company in a person's mind based on associations aroused. 

It was imperative for Gipnetix to capture the essence of the business in an easy to recall and consistent deliverable suitable for distribution across a wide range of media. As a result of the meticulous approach and expertise in corporate brand development and positioning, Gipnetix divided the brand message into a small number of core attributes laying the ground for appealing and consistent brand communications.

What were the results?

Working together with Gipnetix, the client managed to revive their corporate brand message and marketing strategy. The goal of developing a successful brand image that brings up intensive, pleasant and unique associations was met:

“Gipnetix have been a great help in supporting our Corporate Brand and Marketing strategy so that we could start working with a new brand concept at Westminister Investments & Holdings. Gipnetix helped us a lot by bringing an external perspective. They also helped us sharpen our focus on the unique selling point and key drivers of our company as a real estate business and this resulted in the creation of a marketing strategy that will deliver.”

Marketing Director, Westminister Investments & Holdings



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