13 November 2020

Good news is that you actually don't need much to stay in touch with your audience. Just follow the trends and provide high-quality fresh content. However, sometimes it might be difficult to grasp the best trends and it's not immediately clear how to apply them to your brand. Bad news is that it's becoming harder to attract attention on Instagram with the competition on the platform growing dramatically.

Applying new trends and innovative technology surely expands the communication opportunities for brands. Today it's hard to surprise one with a site where you can try on clothes in real time or change the color of the wallpaper at home without even leaving your couch. 

Such technologies have reached Instagram and in this article we will talk about how you can use them and increase reach with their help.

masks on Instagram

Only the lazy have never used the variety of Instagram masks in their Stories. The masks have become so accustomed to Instagram life that many people are seriously afraid of losing their collections with the next app update.

That being said, masks are one of the most effective ways to develop your brand on Instagram. With their help, you can increase user engagement, increase loyalty and attract followers. You can also get user-generated content just by using Instagram masks while earlier this would cost you a lot of effort and creativity. Today followers are happy to create Stories with masks from their favorite brands or influencers.

The possibilities of masks are endless. You can come up with almost any marketing ploy depending on the service or brand. Many brands offer to try their products here and now and buy what you like right away.

game element

If you haven't tried adding game elements to your posts or Stories yet, be sure to do so. Here's why:

Instagram games are an efficient mechanic at a low cost. Implementing game elements increases the interaction time from 5 to 10-15 seconds. On top of that, your content itself goes viral as your followers share it. You get all this with a minimum budget spend.

engaging followers

Your audience won't only perceive and read the content, but will actively interact with it having fun and expressing their emotions. This  will in turn increase the metrics and your position in the feed from the point of view of Instagram.

reach and impressions

As explained above, the more people interact with your content, the more relevant your content becomes in the eyes of Instagram algorithms. The platform will do all the work for you from here.

visual content

The world is changing along with its preferences. What was popular and aesthetically pleasing 2 years ago seems outdated and boring today. The tech progress surely leaves its imprint on visual trends, so many brands change their style trying to keep it up.

Here are the TOP visual trends of 2020 and beyond:

  • Neon. Neon colors come in and out of fashion. Now they're back once again.

  • Fonts. Large, voluminous and broken fonts are in trend now. Ditch boring rigor and try new things.

  • 3D. Add volume, layering and glitch effects.

  • Illusions. Deformed elements are trending now, as are optical illusions.

  • Video content and animation. As people get tired of looking at pictures, short videos are gaining more and more popularity. Try animating small elements in pictures or making full-length short videos.

bottom line

Whether you do online shopping, personal brand development or any services, you should adapt your content not only based on trends but also taking into account the needs of your target audience. Always try something new, implement different elements and see how people react.

Learn more about developing your personal or corporate brand and communication with your ideal target audience in our courses.



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