Who doesn't want a perfect Instagram profile? What's the difference between a nice, good performing account and an ideal profile? Many wonder about the concept of the perfect Instagram account or how to combine aesthetics and selling qualities. 

Join the upcoming webinar to learn this and much more!

  • What should you include in your profile
  • Things are easier than you think
  • Few steps towards your dream account
  • Examples of well-balanced Instagram accounts

Let's analyze the components of the perfect Instagram account step by step. All you have to do is to join the webinar and apply the knowledge received in your Instagram strategy!

What relevant information will you learn?

1. Keep in mind when creating an account: description, profile picture, log in, contacts.

2. How to write a profile description to stand out and gain a competitive advantage.

3. Visual concept. Why you need it and how to select one.

4. How to achieve harmony and create a stylish account.

5. The importance of content and how to select your content strategy.

6. List of services and software to create beautiful pics.

Our guest:

Daria Halchak

  •  7+ years of marketing
  •  4+ years of Instagram
  •  35 000 000+ attracted followers to clients' Instagram pages
  •  Developed more than 20 strategies for promoting businesses on Instagram
  •  Experience in attracting audiences in beauty, real estate, tourism, design studios, gift, coffee and tea shops, brands and fashion designers, jewelry and private workshops
  •  Experience in attracting followers for doctors, psychologists and other specialists

Ideal for:

  •  Marketing specialists and experts
  •  Everyone who wants to grow and show their expertise
  •  Bloggers
  •  Those who enjoy writing, communication and beautiful pics for blogging
  •  eCommerce
  •  Everyone who aims to get more online sales

What's in store for you?

  •  90 minutes of useful information
  •  Learn what a perfect Instagram account looks like and how to create it yourself
  •  Q&A session
  •  Ask questions and get answers real-time
  •  Bonuses and gifts


Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our customers have to say.

Understanding how to apply personal branding to build leadership skills in business is essential in today's online business world. Thankful for this eye-opening experience!..

Gipnetix helped me better understand what I want and gave me the confidence to quit my job and launch my own business. Couldn't ask for more!..

The course I completed was an amazing learning experience. It has changed my view on the ways I could help advance in my field...

Gipnetix really helps to learn personal branding which is an important aspect of our world today. Daria is awesome and teaches really well...

Great stuff to address the confusion related to personal branding and other things in this era of digital presence. Try it if you really want a lifelong learning experience!..

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